Aerofly launch loop in Steam VR

  • Do you see the Aerofly FS 2 program starting and then shutting down or is it not even appearing?

    It was not even appearing.

    When Aerofly starts a log file is generated in your user documents (tm.log). Usually at the end you can find what caused Aerofly to crash if it actually did.

    That wasn't helping.

    Also check your graphics card drivers, they are usually the issue.

    It wasn't the issue.

    Sorry for that. We have fixed this issue in the latest build.

    This was the issue I assume i.e. at your end.


    I saw the update happen (very quick small update initially) and it was after that that I tried running the program.

    Even after a full reboot - no change.

    I had to "verify" all the files of the app.

    No message of any errors after 30 mins or more of verification but the app now works.


    But now working again.