A few more Cultivation questions.

  • I have been having good luck with Cultivation for the most part. Unfortunately, my two local cities are only about 5% populated with buildings. Just up the road, Ithaca NY looks awesome!, about 50% populated. I put in a few dozen buildings in my area into OSM, but so far they are not showing. From reading what others have said, it may be a while before they update the servers.

    Anyway, on to the questions.

    1. I am making airports, but using the default images, no runway decals or custom buildings, I think the runways look more real from the air this way. However, I have a couple of runways that have trees right smack in the middle. How can these be removed? If I create an exclude.kml, will that work for autogen trees?

    2. I also have trees growing up through 3d buildings. Any idea how to trim them properly? ;)

    3. One thing I noticed while flying is the number of houses with red/orange roofs. In this area, red roofs are not common. Most have grey roofs, with blue and green metal roofs becoming more popular. Right now it is like 5 to 1 red to grey. Is there a setting I can change that, so it is at least more even, maybe even favoring grey?

    4. Along those same lines, is there any other building/house texture packs that can be used to give a bigger variety of house and roof colors? I saw some mention of a lot of models in Sketchup, but have not looked at it. Just wondering if anyone had converted some yet.

    Thanks for all the help everyone!


  • Hi Andrew,

    1. You can use the default images, as long as the ground is flat enough. If you encounter any spike in the elevation model, you have to use a custom runway to flatten this. Up to now we cannot remove trees or other objects coming with default aerofly settings.

    2. The answer is no, as far as I know. See above.

    3. This is an interesting topic. I try to evaluate how we can influence this. At least we can already modify the library BMP and convert all red roof textures into other colors. And since the building_textures are used separately in the specific airport folder, it will not influence other areas.

    But we still have to take into account, that some more changes will be done in the future of cultivation settings.

    4. Converting buildings from sketchup is actually rather easy with ModelConverterX. For a while I think about creating a library of interesting object.

    Also, please check the generic generic airport package by Dave W., which contains already some nice objects.

    But please be aware, that you have to place these buildings in your 3D environment, this is 3Dmax, Cinema4D, AC3D.


  • Than you for the answers once again Rodeo! I will take a look at the image files at some point soon and see if I can bias the roofs towards grey. :)

  • Since you mentioned Ithaca, we need KITH. And KELM. And KPEO.

    I have done KITH and KELM. No 3d buildings on them yet, just 1m resolution images. KITH has trees right in the middle of the runway. I populated for autogen as well, but OSM only has about 100 buildings in the Elmira area. Ithaca on the other hand has several thousand, and looks amazing with 1m resolution, and high level of trees.