SBS Disable Option missing?

  • Hey guys.

    I went to record tonight for the next episode, and noticed something odd.

    Prior to this I could select "Show native view in main monitor" in the options, so that I have one full monitor screen (perfect for recording videos in 1080p ultimately), but now neither enabling nor disabling it will remove the side by side (SBS) view of both eyes. So instead of one glorious cinematic screen, I now have two half monitor screens for each eye.

    Did something change? Has the feature been overridden? The way it was, it was perfect for me to record. Now, with the two eye view, not so much.

    Please advise if there is something I may have done in error, or something I can do to put it back the way it was. Also I notice the HUD is now appearing in there. That's also new.

    :( Not what i want

    :) What I want.

  • Hey BelGeode, I'm having the same issue and I just installed the sim last night for the first time. I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong.

    By the way, thanks again for showcasing this incredible sim. If I had not stumbled upon your YouTube videos, I probably wouldn't have looked at this, because I honestly wasn't looking for another flight sim. However, after buying my Rift this summer I was looking for a great VR experience and this is it!


    I was just checking out the Extra 300, doing aerobatics and then came in for a landing. Abeam the numbers, I did a left slipping turn to a landing and upon touchdown, found myself grinning from ear to ear. This thing is leaving BIG smiles on my face. WOW! :)



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