TMD Code Snippets [Unofficial Tool]

  • Hello everybody,

    For all the aircraft developers out there, I've updated my little tool to find code snippets for the tmd. Now it contains all templates for the Aerofly FS 2 tmd files.

    This tool is unofficial but can be quite useful if you are coding a tmd file.

    It's basically a search engine where you just enter the type of object that you would like to see the code for and it spits out the text for you.

    I'll try to update the templates as time passes but you can also manually edit the templates or not use the tool at all and just use the template tmd files instead.

    Here is a link to the free download:…re/codesnippets

    I hope that you can save at least a couple minutes in development with this :)

  • Jan-Hendrik,

    Thanks for the program.

    I´ve been learning the secrets of creating an aircraft inside Aerofly FS2.

    Soon we will see some beautiful birds flying around in the sky of this terrific Sim.

    Your program will be very helpful for all of us.

    Thanks again.

    Keep up.

    Paulo -nuum- Mendonca

    Rio - Brazil

  • Would you be interested in seeing more small tools like that?

    I do have several other tools programmed which I could upload as well:

    - tool to generate a rotation matrix (B0)

    - color-picker to generate a color-vector e.g. white: 1.0 1.0 1.0 (I've never found use for it since there is barely any color you need to adjust in the tmd file - apart from the navigation lights which are easily obtained manually)

    - tool to move a large block of objects around in 3D space and rotate them (e.g. to move all clickspots from a CDU keyboard 'en-block' to another place in the virtual cockpit) -> this one is very helpful if you want to move 3D models around and want to drag the controls with them, or if you want to clone a keyboard to the other side when mirroring is not an option.

    And there is my tmEdit tool which is quite broken at the moment, but it contains a fairly intelligent debugger for your aircraft. I'm not sure if that can be a free tool but on the other hand it's so broken, barely anyone would like to spend money on that :D

    What it currently offers:

    - 3D view of all aerowings, rigidbodies, wheels etc. as "seen" by the physics engine (nice to "debug" asymmetries or errors visually)

    - loading of a tgi.txt file (with textures) to compare your physics model with the 3D model

    - selecting objects from 3D and jumping to the tmd code

    broken features I want to add back in:

    - select a 3d model and get its axis and pivot (currently broken but I may be able to fix it)

    - mirror a wing to the other side

    - generate physics objects from geometry (wings, fuselage, wheels, rigidbodies, propeller, etc.)

  • nuum,

    Are you the Paulo Ricardo that did Rio scenery for FSX? If so, please consider transforming it for Aerofly FS2. It would be beautiful!!! ORBX was able to do it for Innsbruck - not sure what the toolset is - maybe 3D Studio MAx and some other small tools.

    Dave W.

  • Kenneth,

    Ten years ago I created some aircrafts in FSX and FS2004 but never put them in or

    the FDE wasn't good enough.

    Back in 2001, Sean Baker, me and 3 other guys (Screamin' Deamons fans) started a WWI sim called "WWW" (Wings with Wires) based on the Screamin' Demons engine, but it was short-lived.

    I was the 3D modeler.

    Now, my dream is to watch an aircraft flying around in the IPACS skies.

    These are the most beautiful skies I've ever even seen in a flight simulation.

    For this circraft I am doing I need to be the 3D modeler, the FDE maker and I need to create an specific airport.

    Old guys live from his memories.

    I love Orbx Meigs Field. (In Flight Sims we don't have corrupt majors...)

    In Brazil, I only fly Rio's Santos-Dumont.

    Fortunately the forces that destroyed Meigs Filed tried hard but failed in destroy our most beautiful airport in downton Rio (near Sugar Loaf and Christ, the Redeemer).

    I am reading Aerofly FS2 and trying very hard.

    I hope I get a medium class aircraft .

    The FDE is 90% of the work.

    And you ?

    Any aircraft ?

    Why not to try a basic one ?

    I think that we don't need masterpieces by now.

    Some simple aircrafts would be great just to speed up the enthusiasm among the fans.


    God Bless You.

    Paulo - Rio - Brazil

  • jet-packer, first time I've heard that name actually :)

    My real world name is Jan by the way...

    I think some of the tools aren't worth any money, if I have time I can just upload them.

    And the actual editor is nice but currently too broken to be shared at all.

  • Jan,

    I know your name :)

    I am using the tool you downloaded.

    IPACS could start a competition for beginners and simple aircrafts.

    Not for the hardcores guys.

    Competitions always put some fire in the wood.

    We need some new planes.

    Very basic ones.

    I am from the old time Screamin' Demons sim.

    And there was competitions by Parsoft among the fans for the best created plane .

  • Paulo,

    You said...."And you ? Any aircraft ? Why not to try a basic one ? I think that we don't need masterpieces by now. Some simple aircrafts would be great just to speed up the enthusiasm among the fans."

    Unfortunately, I have never designed any aircraft for flight simulation. However, I did own a company that brought people together who did. But that was 25 years ago!

    I agree with you, we want to see the enthusiastic fans staying enthusiastic. I am sure IPACS wants that too. We are at the beginning of an exciting adventure, and I think we will see companies coming on board to support this platform. ORBX have shown their willingness, and I hope others will follow. I also hope that independent designers will come to the table, as you are doing.



  • Kenneth,

    You could design sceneries.

    They aren't so hard as aircrafts.

    Today I spent some time studying the tutorial…cenery_creation

    I was thinking that it wouldn't work like so many times I've tried in FSX but it worked !

    Without any errors.

    I´ve spent a full hour flying over the scenery I've created.

    Even without the runway file I could land and the images were so good that I thought for a moment

    that I had put the runway file too.

    I love that airport.


    I will do it again but this time I will work for a better (bluer) water.

    And I have to blur the borders, too.

  • Great, Kenneth !

    Your hometown ?

    If you fly around and your hometown don't have a HiRes scenery I was thinking about

    create a simple one for you.

    But only if you didn't live in a Big city :)

    But now I see that you´ve already creating your own.

    It's what we need here in Aerofly FS2: Momentum !

    I am studying how to put a runway and lights.

    My aircraft is waiting on the hangar.

    What a beautiful Flight Sim !

    My best memories in a Flight Sim since I flied under Golden Gate Bridge in Flight Simulator III.

    Hey, Rodeo,

    Are you from IPACS ?

  • What a successful Sunday so far, three uploads in a row and not to forget Orbx's latest airport addition :)

    I've just uploaded two new tools the matrix generator and the "controls-mover". They may be available in the download section here shortly and they are available on my personal homepage. I never though so many people would be interested in these tools :)