TMD Code Snippets [Unofficial Tool]

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    Hello everyone,

    I've published an update for the code snippets which adds some of the new objects into the list and removes some of the deprecated ones.

    This unofficial tool is like a search engine for tmd code objects which makes it a bit easier to find things. You don't have to run the executable, all snippets are included as individual tmd files but of course it's a bit easier with auto-complete search and instant preview.

    There are plenty of new event objects like

    • the event_range, _repeat, _select, _swap and _timeout;
    • low pass filters, flashers in the dynamics, warning computer, crew alerting systems, fuel jet pump, fuel metering unit, input_lever2, scratchpad (text input), route navigation (GPS nav),
    • new logic elements like inverse and linear;
    • new graphics textblock and text line displays (e.g. if you want to create your own UFC or write hello world... now you can)
    • new graphics logic elements: graphics_and, _or, _greater;
    • graphics multicolor, render lists and last but not least:
    • controls objects are now also available.…re/codesnippets