Option for higher threshold for crash detection

  • I'm not sure what all goes into the crash detection logic but I would appreciate an option where it is considerably more difficult to crash so we could again land on such things as aircraft carriers and other objects that are clearly not runways. I used to be able to land a Cessna or another other short-field performing aircraft on the carrier and at least do a quick touch-and-go with an F-18 since there is no arresting wire functionality.

    Thanks much

    Dave W.

  • HI Dave,

    something changed in the collision detection a while ago, but according to the developers the issues should resolve when the carrier is exported with the latest tools, or at least that is what I remember they told me.

    The problem isn't the threshold of a crash detection (e.g. the force to break things) it's more the collision mesh of the carrier which probably needs some more work. Cause I can land on any roof top or bridge without any issues, it's just the carrier deck which is glitchy...