Setting TMC file to reject masked tiles

  • Is there a line of code that can be added to the TMC file so that it rejects (or simply doesn't produce) any masked tiles? I thought I saw it somewhere on this forum, but maybe I was imagining it? I know you can do it with Geoconvert Helper by unticking a box - but I was just wondering if you could do it "manually"?

  • Hi Ian,

    yes of course. This is an important function added to the Geoconvert tool a while ago and this has changed the process quite a bit.

    There are 2 levels of parameters: This is the global flag

    <[bool] [write_images_with_mask][true]> // global flag ->

    //if this is false, no image is created

    // if a mask is required. if this is true you can still

    // disable mask images for a selected level, see below

    // images with mask are always 'problematic'. rule of thum

    // is to create an area as large as possible

    And down in the levels section your find this parameter again to set it separately for each level.

    Please use the template delivered with the SDK package. It contains the parameters.

    Just one explanation has to be swapped. My one above is the correct explanation.