Looking for a little detailed help using GIMP with GeoConverter files

  • Hello anyone,

    I am totally new to GIMP but have an urgent need to learn some of the basics. I tried the help feature be did not find the answers. I have two questions that have to do with cut and paste.

    I wish to import a rectangle to overlay an FSET BMP file prior to running the converter for AF2. I need to resize it to match the BMP due to having different image resolution. I can do this manually using the Scale Tool but it is tedious and very time consuming with a lot of guess work. Any hints on how to match the resolution of a small area?

    I also wish to adjust the "transparency" of the incoming rectangle so I can see through it to more easily match it to the BMP base file. I can't find the transparency adjustment for a selected area. This is temporary just to help me properly size the new overlay. I will delete the whole area a little later. I am having trouble with global commands vs selected area commands - thank goodness for the Undo feature. btw, can the undo feature be expanded to maybe the last 20 or so actions. I seem to run out of steps backward too quickly.

    Please see the attached image to get an idea of what I am trying to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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