Video tutorial: Conversion of ac3d into an Aerofly FS 2 scenery

  • Hi Rodeo.

    It work for entire world or for US only?

    Can I create xref_pl folder just by copy all textures from xref_us folder? If so, there is no problem with xref_pl.tsc file but how can I create xref_pl.tmb file?

    At the moment Aerofly crashed when xref objects are aded into my EPLK scenery.

  • We can extend the xref objects in one of the next update to a world wide coverage. We have introduced this only to conserve some memory.

    Just to be clear is this why i don't see xref objects in my uk scenery, only aircraft?

  • Did you use xref_building or xref_usa_airport?

    I'd better watch your new video first. I don't know which I did, I just tried that method you used on the KDWH example but until I watch your video I don't know how the link with the source models works.

  • Here's my object list. The planes show up but the objects don't. Was I meant to put some textures or folders somewhere in My Documents to make the xref buildings shows up or are all these objects part of core FS2? I've checjed that all objects are at Y=0 (does that matter anyway?). I didn't bother sizing the marker objects in AC3D as I'm not going for accurate placement just now. I just want something to appear.

    Here's my log from AC3D export:

    0.01: exporting 'E:/Personal/Flying/AC3D/EGNH/egnh_obj.tgi'...

    0.01: p28r_livery1_virtual -> 889.259094 0.000000 -632.843140 883.263062 -1.000000 -nan 895.255066 1.000000 0.000000

    0.01: extracting rotation angle via ac3d url field -> -15.000000 degree

    0.01: p28r_livery1_virtual -> 901.624084 0.000000 -585.672791 883.263062 -1.000000 -nan 908.007629 1.000000 0.000000

    0.01: extracting rotation angle via ac3d url field -> 30.000000 degree

    0.01: tower00_tiny_concret_ds_10_08_08_virtual -> 638.699951 -0.000000 -680.830566 633.129150 -6.000000 -nan 908.007629 6.000000 0.000000

    0.01: extracting rotation angle via ac3d url field -> 55.000000 degree

    0.01: tower00_medium_blue_ds_05_08_08_virtual -> 582.364990 0.000000 -591.739014 553.661560 -26.415466 -nan 908.007629 26.415466 0.000000

    0.01: extracting rotation angle via ac3d url field -> 2.000000 degree

    0.01: p28r_livery1_virtual -> 870.024597 0.000000 -680.929443 553.661560 -26.415466 -nan 908.007629 26.415466 0.000000

    0.02: extracting rotation angle via ac3d url field -> -15.000000 degree

    0.02: writing 'E:/Personal/Flying/AC3D/EGNH/egnh_obj.tgi' -> saving 0 objects, 0 materials and 5 virtuals

    0.02: done exporting

  • @Spit40, the way I fixed this issue is by duplicating the xrefs for my location, France.

    in Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\scenery\xref, I copied xref_usa folder to a xref_france folder and renamed some files in this new folder :

    • xref_usa.tmb to xref_france.tmb
    • xref_usa.tsc to xref_france.tsc

    Finally I edited the .tsc file with

    1. <[file][][]
    2. <[object][][]
    3. <[string8] [name] [xref_france]>
    4. <[tmvector2d][lonlat_min][-6.03002646177 41.0174294321]>
    5. <[tmvector2d][lonlat_max][9.67845957955 51.0842122254]>
    6. >
    7. >

    where lonlat_min and lonlat_max values are the bounding box of France.

    Now the question is if there is a way to make our own xrefs libraries (i.e. with local building)?

  • Success! Two things I got wrong the first couple of times

    1. Forgot to put "UK" in the name string fro the TSC file
    2. Didn't choose the right "corners" of the area I needed. 1st is bottom left, 2nd is top right