• During the current Oculus kerfuffle I went back and tried the Vive, because I am fortunate enough to own both.

    I have been very surprised at how much worse the Vive seemed to perform than the Oculus. I remember the Oculus being a little better than the Vive when I switched to using it for FS 2, but the difference seems vast now. This is especially true in Chicago, where I have to drop ss to 1.0 to get smooth frame rates. I used to run the Vive at 1.8 in NYC, but now that setting stutters quite badly.

    My question for all of you VR folks, has Vive performance on FS 2 degraded, or am I just misremembering it? Is there some setting I may be screwing up that I have forgotten about?

    And yes I have the latest firmware for the Vive, which is otherwise performing wonderfully. And I have tried launching FS 2 both from inside Steam and from the desktop with -othervr removed and both a blank line or -steamvr in its place.


  • Thank you for making this thread. Yes, we would love to hear feedback about this subject.

    We have spent a lot of time recently fixing the Oculus issues that we haven't tested Vive as much lately.

    When testing I do compare both -otherVR and -steamVR modes but only with the Oculus Rift. I'll be acquiring a Vive shortly though to test both platforms separately, and Torsten has a Vive at basecamp that he tests as well.

    When using the Rift in -steamVR mode vs. -oculusVR mode I can confirm that they are similar in performance but like I said, that's only using a Rift to test for now.

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  • Jeff,

    My experience with Steam VR on my Oculus is much different than the native Oculus driver which is very smooth. I have made sure that I have the most recent (at least Dec 10th) Steam (and VR) release which is very full of stutters (all Steam VR settings about reprojection were tested). This continual visual pausing is evident especially with any maneuvering - rolls and tight F-15 turns.

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  • I have been using the Vive since the beginning and get perfectly smooth performance at SS 1.7 everywhere I fly including Chicago, Innsbruck, NYC etc. I would encourage more testing with the Vive just as a good development practice but performance has been very solid (matter a fact recently it has seemed better than ever and I have moved SS to 2.0 on a number of occasions).

  • I have been using both Oculus and Vive for AFS2, and I mentioned from the very beginning that Oculus is much smoother than Vive for AFS2, and other flight sims. The difference is not small. I think this is because of Oculus timewarp (or spacewarp, whatever).

  • frui,

    I found your post interesting given that you both have the Rift and the Vive and you are finding the Rift performing much better. I currently have the Vive and am getting good results but I have considered getting the Rift also. So just out of interest, and given that the game only goes up to SS 2.0, do you set the SS value in the Oculus software (outside of AeroFly FS2) to a value greater than 2.0? If so, what are your results and how high can you go (also, what do you leave the in-game setting at if you do that?). Thanks.

  • I’ve got the Vive and get great performance, but am on an i9 7900X rig with 1080 Ti SC.

    Welcome to the FS2 forum Zed! You're a top top contributor to https://www.xsimulator.net so I'm sure this forum will be the richer for your involvement.

  • Hey Phil! This is your fault, you know. ;)

    I’ve just really been enjoying that Bücker. It’s so nice in VR in AFS2. Was doing a lot of sightseeing in Monument Valley and going up on a wing to go knife edge between some of the spires. It looked like a tight fit to go through wings level but that works two. Really don’t want to clip a wing though. It’s brutal with motion. I turned up thermals last night and took up a glider. I can even feel the thermal bumps. It’s bizarre.

    Meigs is downloading now so I can test the performance around Chicago. I should have let it download while I was at work or I would be flying now.

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