Latest Aircraft converter crashes upon rendering previews a custom plane

  • I have a new project I am developing for P3D (SIAI Marchetti S-211) and I wish to port it to AF2... I can export the tgi, but the aircraft converter crashes consistently on rendering the preview...
    Are there specific requirements the 3D model is subject to?
    Is there a plane I can look for a diagnostic of the crash or see what is wrong with my model?

  • The converter creates a log file ("tm.log") which may give you hints.

    And I think for the preview the tmd file has to work correctly, but I'm not sure. So make sure your tmd file is correctly formatted in the new style and that it doesn't have any syntax errors. (Maybe count the "<",">","[" and "]" using the inbuilt features of notepad++ or your text editor of choice.)

    drhotwing1 (IPACS) or Rodeo may be able to tell you more :)

  • The tmd file has to be adopted to your own 3D model. In the geometry lists there should only be names of your 3D model parts. If there are 3D object names in the tmd file that are not present in your model the Aerofly will not load the aircraft. I'm not sure what the converter does but since it has to render your 3D model I'm sure it also has to load the aircraft for this. So if the tmd file isn't at least "stable" to load your model it will probably crash because of that.

    What you can do is delete all content of the graphics section as it was done in the empty.tmd (don't know if that is still included in the downloads of the SDK).

    Then, when everything in the graphics section is deleted add one rigidbodygraphics object and in its geometry list put in your fuselage model (just that for now).

    That should then render the preview just fine (of course the preview will be incomplete but it should work).

    Edit: moved this thread.

  • Thanks for moving the thread.

    I know the tmd has to be adapted - I will try by completely cleaning the graphics section.
    However I was under the impression that, in the previous aicraft converter version, parts listed in the .tmd file which were missing from the .tgi file were simply ignored - you had a crash only in case of duplicate part names.
    Also, in another project I have, the MB-326, I do not see the same problem even with different .tmd files...

    Anyway I will try and report... thanks!

  • I have taken the latest MB339.tmd file.... and cleared everything from the graphics and sound sections.
    As a test, I have only exported the Fuselage1 object in my 3D model - exported to the TGI without errors.
    ...still, no joy. The exporter crashes upon starting the rendering preview.

    ...I am stuck.

    // -------------------------------------------- GRAPHIC SECTION ----------------------------------------------



    <[string8][GeometryList][ Fuselage1






    // -------------------------------------------- SOUND SECTION ----------------------------------------------



    HerveF - thanks for the appreciation

  • Hi IFE,

    I assume you didn't change the dynamic part of the mb339 for your test. If you canceled this part too, it will not work!

    To render a preview, the converter needs to load the model similar to loading it in the aeroflyfs2. Even with a converter session crashing during preview rendering, you should have a tmb file and all ttx files in your aircraft folder. Try to load the model in aeroflyfs2 -it will most probabely crash as well- and check the tm.log file in the aeroflyfs2 main folder. Search for "error" and see what is reported. In most cases this helps to find the source of the problem.



  • Correct - I have left the dynamic part untouched.

    The tm.log file fomr the main Aerofly folder showed 2 errors: Fuselage geometry was missing and could not link the Fuselage geometry... which is a little puzzling, as I thought the fuselage geometry was there.

    I have deleted the .tmd and replaced it with the original one from the 339, and renamed few parts of the model as the ones in the 339.... the preview is now working and the aicraft shows... so, I can proceed with this.
    I am not yet sure what was causing the error...

  • I think you should rename your 3D part from Fuselage1 to Fuselage.

    Or you also go through the dynamics section and make sure that all collisionhulls are disabled (comment them out). They also use the geometry and if there is a "Fuselage" object in one of the collision hulls which is not in the 3D model aerofly also has troubles.