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  • Working on my first airport. What is the exact purpose of the __outside object other than to make the runway show up? I'm sure the sim could have been coded to show the runways without the __outside object so there must be another purpose. Is it maybe an autogen exclusion zone? Should it be defined to just enclose the runway/taxi/apron or should it extend out beyond them? For objects we define, must they be placed on top of the __outside object or can they be placed beyond its range?


  • The '__outside' is defined as the outside perimeter of the entire groundpoly for your airport. When making the groundpoly, that would be the area that's colored as black (transparent) so that your airport blends into the scenery. You should have at least that parameter along with '__runway'. You can also include '__apron' if you plan on making a textured apron instead of just the standard ground textures.

    You can, in theory, just place a runway object onto your airport, use a reference image and place objects onto it but the result will only yield models siting on top of whatever scenery images that you use in-game.

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