Purchase of orbx DLC's via Steam and/or FTX Central

  • I bought my aerofly fs 2 sim and all DLC's via Steam. I installed the sim on two different machines (home and office) with my steam login and can use it alternately.

    If i would now buy the monterey scenery (or other coming sceneries) directly via FTX Central, is it possible to install and use these in the same way on two machines or only on the one where i installed it first?

    In another thread i found the hint that migration of compatible STEAM purchases into the native user interface of FTX central shopul be possible but i found no way so far.



  • Es wäre schön wenn man ein ORBX DLC bei STEAM kauft,und das dann auch als Gekauftes DLC bei ORBX in ( FTX Central AFS2 ) anerkannt wird.

    So das man immer auf dem neuesten stand ist,wenn ein Update von ORBX kommt.