help needed

  • Hi Developers

    Advice needed on this issue, some of my vehicles are appearing darker. All vehicles in the screenie use the same bitmap with no alpha, no specular and no bump mapping on any vehicles at the moment. Thought I had flipped the normals so tried that but no joy.

    Would it be ok to have a forum dedicted to modelling issues as there are more and more of us starting out


  • Hi Steve,

    does your color texture include an alpha channel at all, e.g. even though no alpha is used, does it have that alpha channel?

    What modelling tool do you use? The normals could be wrong or you might have some double sided faces here.

    Nice work so far by the way.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the info, your post got me thinking, so I examined the mesh in more detail. I didn't find any rogue polygons or vertex so I decided to make the fire engine from scratch. I made a new body and attached all the extras and it worked ok in the sim so the error was with the body. I made a new bus body and the same result.

    I remembered that for all the objects that have problems in the sim I extruded edges (by shift and dragging) for the wheel wells so I assume your sim/exporter doesn't like extruded edges this way. Previously when I exported the converter would show an error about sequential triangles. These are now removed with the new models. Just 2 more models to correct and I'm back on track

    Thanks for the help and pushing me in the right direction