Has anyone created an alternate Airspeed Indicator for the DR400 Robin - one that reads Knots? That would be a nice addition.

  • Title says it all. Sure would be nice to read knots instead of km/h. I am about to catch on to the dial reading from the bottom rather than from the top. ;) I realize the inner scale is already Knots - What I am asking is to reverse the two scales and make Knots the large outer scale and km/h the inner scale.

    No real biggie - I just use the 9 o'clock needle position as 80 knots and 12 o'clock as 135 knots. Low end is by sound and AOA.



  • Yes I did, from a real-life DR400 ASI.

    Here's the replacement texture

    You'll need to adapt the tmd file as follows in the airspeed indicator section

    [Blocked Image: http://i68.tinypic.com/2coiequ.jpg]

    Or you can use my own tmd file, adding following mods:

    1) ASI needle matches kt ASI

    2) display pilot in cockpit

    3) slightly move pilot POV

    Enjoy !


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