Orbx Previews Eagle County

  • Check it out here - https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/14…to-aerofly-fs2/

    New Orbx scenery for AFS2 always excites me. This looks stunning, as expected from Orbx. Awesome work Jarrad - ORBX ! Note that in the features list they mention region-specific building textures which are not depicted in the screenshots. That shall be excellent to see. The scenery will also include two small airstrips - Gypsum Creek Ranch (CO47) and Avon STOLPort (WHR). I've been hoping that Orbx will start putting in some grass strips, which are great for VFR. They are always fun to fly in and out from in P3D. Having them in AFS2's engine would mean that we can experience the full level of vegetation with great performance. It gets really annoying with the FSX/P3D sceneries when you have to turn off options in the scenery control panels to get decent performance. I particularly can't wait for the PNW strips to be converted. Do note that these extra airfields in the Eagle County package are stated to be "lite" so it probably won't have full detail. Still exciting though.

    We have this and KJAC coming soon from Orbx. What a time to be alive. These sceneries are making me want seasons more and more though in AFS2. One day in the future maybe.

    - Ashley

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  • Great to have some grass strips and run manual navigation and PAPI-less arrivals. Those of you who are in the Facebook Fan group have seen quite a few posts on manual navigation to many of the off menu grass strips that work well in beautiful FS, they are usually pretty good in the PC version.

    Time to get out a chart of some sort and a stop watch.

    Merry Christmas Everyone :)

  • I just love what is happening. Looks like 2018 is going to be a great year for us. Aerofly and Orbx is a marriage made in heaven. I can only fly in vr these days and although I have P3D and Flyinside I can only fly in vr with Aerofly.

    Strange thing about vr is part of me feels like l have really flown around Monterey now. Please bring it on Orbx, as long as I have some cash I will support every release you bring out for Aerofly.....I absolutely love it!

  • An update, Iain Emms has posted his "final shots" of Eagle County for AFS2. This means it will soon be released.

    Check them out here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/14…my-final-shots/

    I feel like we should have an Orbx master thread or something to keep up with all the Orbx for AFS2 news.

    - Ashley

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  • Looking great! Just a bit too small for me though. I like the size of LOWI more. ;) And with FTX Netherlands on the horizon I think I will pass. I don't really like scenery addons that can be overseen entirely from one spot. (The Netherlands is almost too small already then... 8o) And besides, I already have all those mountains around the airport itself in AFS2 Colorado. But nonetheless it is great to see the amount of addons for AFS2 slowly growing!

  • Interestingly, it is touted as being a massive area, but not much different from Monterey. It could be there is nothing else close by to model but more mountains. This is a fairly remote ski area, although one of the best in Colorado.

    Massive 1500sqkm coverage area (Eagle Vail)

    Huge coverage area at ultra-high 7cm/30cm/60cm resolution, Entire city of Monterey and surrounds (no area quoted) (Monterey)

    Enormous 2500km2 coverage area at 1m/60cm/30cm with 10m DEM (Innsbruck)

    The enormous 1m photoreal area, covering the entire Jackson Hole and Teton Range (Jackson Hole)

    The next one - Jackson Hole - should be more like LOWI with a somewhat larger coverage area.



  • Well, of course it isn't as small as the usual airport addons are (or at least were in the time I still bought airport addons) but as you can see on the screenshot Ray posted it contains mainly mountains... and I have those already. ;) LOWI isn't only larger, it also contains a LOT more detail!

    I will keep an eye on Jackson Hole but FTX Netherlands is the one I am really waiting for!

  • Fot those that think that it's small, this is a video I did on it when it came out (FSX), it ended up on their product page.

    KEGE is BIG with 2 more little airport....


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  • Fot those that think that it's small

    Well, I never said it is small: I said it is 'just a bit too small for me'. ;) I don't know how much FTX Netherlands will costs but I think that for me personally it will be worth it to wait and save that money for FTX Netherlands.

  • I called up Google Maps and used the distance feature. It is a little over 30 miles East to West. J van E must have eyesight like an eagle if he can see from one side to the other, or else he is flying so high that scenery should not matter. :P