• Hi all,

    now I do a little more using the navigation in the sim and I first tried the B58 for this.

    It all works fine including ILS approach but the RMI does not.

    The ADF potion of the instrument works but the green VOR 2 needle always points to the West.

    In FSX and P3d with the stock Baron it always indicates the direction to the VOR 2 which is activated in the radios.

    The VOR 2 Instrument in Aerofly Baron 58, which also has the OBS knob, works fine.

    Happy flying


    PC: FX8350, GTX 1060 6GB, 16 GB RAM, OS SSD, HD 4,5 TB, Win10-64

    SIMs: Aerofly FS2, FS9, FSX, FSXSE, P3Dv3, Xplane11

  • A localiser has different signals from a VOR, a RMI expects a signal with phase differences but a localiser lacks that, it has varying ballances of two modulations which do not give radial information. Aero should have working VOR/ADF selectors, it would allow needle one to show an NDB bearing and needle two could show the box 2 VOR.