• In the 3ds airport tutorial on the wiki, it mentions creating a chamfer around the runways/taxiways/apron. As I understand this, it is to blend the runway, etc. textures into the outside aerial texture via the vertex color (red->black). When I create this chamfer, it is created inside my runway box taking up runway real estate. Basically my runway won't really be 46m across because a blend will start happening on the edges. Is this correct and accepted? Another thing I noticed is that my runway has white decal lines on the very edges. This decal will cover the blend. I've attached a picture. So even if the runway blends into __outside, it will be obscured by the decal which doesn't blend. How do we handle this? Do I move my decals inside the chamfer or just leave them where they are? Do we somehow blend the decal as well?


  • The chamfer is added to the outside of the runway not inside. Just follow your reference image to make your runway. The chamfer adds a blending outside of this.

    Once you add your vertex colors you should see solid red around the runway but then the red goes into black in your chamfer area. This is a blending transparency that will allow for the runway to look more natural.

    You should make adjustments to your vertex points if needed to get the apron/taxiway as close as you can to the runway but not over it as it may cause your aircraft to crash into it in-game.

    The decals can go anywhere over the groundpoly that you wish. Decals are solid but you can make them semi transparent if you would like. This can be useful with the skid marks on the runway or dirt/oil spots on the apron.

    Download and take a good look at my Florida Keys scenery package (free in the downloads section) , I made the tutorial building the Key West airport.

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  • Thanks Jeff,

    Ah, my mistake was I converted the runway rectangle to an editable poly and tried to do the chamfer on that. Following the tutorial, you're suppose to attach the runway rectangle to the outside, quadify it, select the border, cap it, and then chamfer the border. This does produce a chamfer that goes outward from the rectangle, but it also pushes inward. I've attached images of a chamfer value of 1.0 and 6.0 to show this. You can see that the 6.0 value has a much smaller rectangle for the runway. I guess maybe the 1.0 value isn't much of a loss of real estate. Have I done something wrong to produce this result? Is it really suppose to only go outward? I guess when it comes down to it, all that is really needed is a small 1m boarder with which to blend. Whether it's done with chamfer or some other way doesn't really matter I guess.