connecting to an Android EFB (other than Avare)

  • Anyone have any luck connecting Aerofly FS2 to an EFB other than Avare? I did get Avare working, with the external I/O Plugin (using the Xplane setting). What I really want to use on my Android is Naviator, which does not have a built in way to connect to a sim. What I used for Xplane is an app called "Xplane to GPS" which mocks the GPS location from the Xplane data stream. I thought this would just work with Aerofly FS2 since the Avare external I/O plugin just works, but I can not get it working.

    Has anyone got this working, with with "Xplane to GPS", or via another method?

    Aerofly devs: is there something about the data stream in Aerofly that is not compatible with Xplane's data stream? It would be great if it was since there is a lot of support for Xplane out there already. Or can you create some other method for this, perhaps even an "Aerofly to GPS" app? :)