geoconversion base image matching

  • I've been playing around with geoconversion for my hometown, which is in Colorado, and my local airport, which is not modeled in the Colorado DLC. I have been able to get higher resolution scenery of my hometown and airport on top of the Colorado DLC base scenery, and it looks good. The problem is, the geoconverted scenery (using FSET) does not match the base scenery well at all. The colors are different, like the images were taken at different times of the year, but the images line up fine.

    What I would like to do it to geoconvert my local area at a higher resolution, but while using the same base images as the official DLC, if possible. If I can do this, then I will not encounter obvious tile borders due to the different colors in the scenery, and I can create only focused areas of higher resolution. I would need to be using the same base images as IPACS. Does IPACS provide these base images somehow, or do they disclose what images they've used that we can pull from ourselves? Is there something else I can do to get them to match better, like maybe use something other than FSET?