Building textures appearing in black

  • Seems to me that the textures of the following buildings, a hangar with rounded roof (is listed with similar names on the xref list of buildings, as shown below) are wrong or doesn't exist in AFS2:



    Someone at IPACS could check, please?.

    Cheers, Ed

  • Ed,

    I know that there were a few xref objects that still weren't in Aerofly after going through each one a while ago.

    Basically any xref model currently in Aerofly resides in the core Aerofly scenery/xref folder.

    We will try to put together an updated xref catalog soon.

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  • Hi Jeff:

    Thanks for your answer. It would be good idea at some point to check the contents of these subfolders inside Aerofly\Scenery\xref and compare with the list of objects images that were uploaded in the forum. There are cases on which the object images are not present but textures are inside AFS2 and there are cases on which the textures are not in the objects images, as for example TankTruck_virtual and fuel_station_tanks_virtual that I've been both using for my airfields, but that are recognized Ok inside AFS2.

    This is useful for people that are beginning to construct their own airfields with 3D graphic programs.

    Cheers, Ed