Can't get any results from the GeoConvertTool

  • Hi there,

    I tried to use the Geoconverter Tool and to get familar with it but it doesn't work. I choosed a small german island and followed the wiki tutorial. I also read many forum entries and the "Having troubles with the geoconvert tool; please read" thread.

    What I have done so far is:

    - I generated the tiles with the FSET tool

    - I noted the top-left and bottom-right corners from FSET and converted them

    - I edited the TMC file and inserted the coordinates for every level. I left the destination folder pointing to .\scenery\images

    - I copied the .BMP and.INF files to the GeoConverter input folder

    - I used the the inf2tfwConveter to generate the .TFW file

    - Finally I ran the GeoConverter tool from PowerShell with the .TMC file as command paramter

    The converter runs upto the 100% completion message.

    But there are no output files in the .\scenery\images folder. I followed the tutorial several times but can't find the mistake I made :/

    Maybe some of the more experienced users here can get what I am doing wrong?

    In attachment you'l find my TMC file and the converter log file (I renamed to .txt because the .tmc/.log extension is not allowed by the forum).



  • Hi Michael,

    aerofly FS 2 uses the coordinates in lonlat order, so please swap your coordinates order.

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [53.80 7.83]> to <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [7.83 53.80]>

    This has to be done for all values.

    Additionally I suggest to set all masks to true, since you have a very small area.

    <[bool] [write_images_with_mask][false]> to <[bool] [write_images_with_mask][true]>

    Viel Erfolg!


  • That's it! Thank you very much for spending your time and helping. :thumbup::)

    I followed the wiki tutorial, but just did not recognize that the converter output is in reverse order to the expected converter input.

    Maybe that hint would be helpful for the wiki tutorial for newbies like me. ;)