Sailplanes status; please?

  • Hello. If possible, I just wanted to have a question answered...

    Currently, for us; who bought this simulator (v1+v2) only for the gliders; is IPACS developing the (winch, towplane or motorized) solution?

    IPACS doesn’t owes me nothing but; I just wanted to know, if I can keep investing on this sim with confidence… ‘Innsbruck’ is tempting me for weeks; looks simply superb!

    Kind regards to all,


  • Hello again. ‘Jet-Pack', my friend; thank you very much for your honest reply… so, Innsbruck is a go for me!

    I’ve found this ‘youtube’ video regarding ‘aerofly FS 1’ tow plane (mod?!?)...

    Aerofly FS 1 glider towing from AeroflySimDE (user)

    Does anyone know who’s this member is? ‘Aerofly FS 1’ forum is gone… where can I find the needed instructions; configuration files?

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    Publicado a 15/12/2013

    Please note: This is only a proof of concept so far only tested on the PC - DVD version of the aeroflyFS 1.2.05.

    This does NOT work in the aerofly out of the box today. In particular this means that this is currently not included, if you purchase the software! Some major tweeks were necessary to get this working. It also disables the winch functionality.

    Some sort of documentation on how this towing ability was implemented can be found here:

    towing plane:

    DR 400 - default aircraft was tweeked to serve the job as an automated towing plane, replacing the original winch.

    soaring plane:

    ASG 29 - unmodified add-on aircraft - any other glider works aswell


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    Hi Xanix,

    that would be my video, we made a mod for the Aerofly FS 1 back then but it could only takeoff and fly circles. This mod only works in the FS1 because we pretty much replaced the winch with an aircraft that could tow us, in FS 2 we don't have this additional physics thing (winch or aircraft) so we can't just modify the FS2 to get a towing plane. This has to be done from within the game engine.

  • Hi. There’s no problem. What a great job you did on that; from the video, it looks like it worked very well!

    Anyway; let’s wait for the aFS2 development and hope, it’s assigned a ‘deeper’ look, on the sailplanes area.

    For now, I will fly on aFS2 but, will spend some time on aFS1 Discus (the Discus’s instruments area, somehow; look more photo real then the 29) too.

    Oh and Innsbruck is outstanding! Shame, it doesn’t connect to the Switzerland's area... at that price...

    Best regards,