Testing the Ocolus Rift Microphone in New York

  • Hi,

    Below is a link to my livestream on Facebook last night. I was doing it to test the built in microphone on the Oculus Rift but after watching it I deemed it worthy of a share on here for you guys, my new pals...

    Please don't criticise my flying as I was concentrating more on the views for the non flight sim friends I have. Also, there is a minute or so intro with me shouting through to the other room to see if my daughter can hear my voice on her Facebook.

    The Statue of Liberty looks stunning and the city views show why I rave so much about FS2. I did manage a lumpy landing, again, I have only just dug out my old CH flight yoke and rudder pedals so am getting used to using those rather than my trusty Saitek X52, so please, no nasty comments.