Found Aerofly by accident!

  • And boy am I happy :) Long time simmer (20+years) Worked on A320 CAE simulators out in the middle East. Left flight simming for a few years, recently bought P3D and the FSLABS A320, unfortunately despite running on a 1080TI and I7 7700K the frames where poor. Stumbled across the Aerofly website, downloaded the A320 expecting an incredibly basic package, whilst it is no study sim, was blown away by the fact C* Law, and many other features are implemented: Even the little known G/S mini is in there.

    Pleasantly surprised, can say without a doubt that this in VR is the closest any sim has captured the feel of the Aircraft. Amazing work, can't wait for future updates.

    A few questions for the devs, once again I appreciate this is not a study sim.

    1. Is there any plans to work on braking distances? (and brake temps) I have noticed the aircraft stops very quickly at it's current gross weight. Brake temps don't seem to be enabled either.

    2. I read that the sound engine will be improved in the future, any way to swap out some files with my own custom files, ground roll, engine spool etc? I do miss that CFM growl at TOGA thrust.

    Great work guys :)


  • Hi Rob,

    welcome to the forums and to the Aerofly community, great to have you on board :)

    Yes the A320 is my favorite bird which is one of the reasons it is already so advanced. The Learjet and Q400 also have several unique features and are ahead of the other aircraft.

    1. Autobrakes will likely undergo changes in the future, I'd like add actual control loops, right now they are just "outputting" a constant value per strength setting. We also think of adding anti skid as well as break heat.

    2. yes you can exchange sounds, you can also add new ones and modify how the pitch and volume changes under certain circumstances in the tmd file's sound section. If you have any real world A320-214 cockpit or front row passenger recordings of the engines that we can use it would be awesome. Right now it main issue is getting good sound samples, we don't want any people talking in the background, no babies crying (which happens almost every flight I feel like) and as little as possible sounds from the cabin (like pack air flow should be off ideally, no squeaking sound from the overhead baggage doors, etc.). Those are hard to get. I also thought of recreating the engine sound synthetically but it's really hard to fake the distinctive roaring which needs some amplitude modulations as well as some minor frequency variation around the most iconic frequencies. So not an easy task either. And we'd need that for idle, approach idle (if we can), roughly 30% constant N1, roughly 60% N1, 80 (climb?) and full TOGA from the inside and from the outside, from only one engine, ideally. So almost impossible to record this in the real world where other jets are taking off, birds are chirping, etc. etc.

  • Thanks for the reply Jan. I still have a few friends flying right seat out there on the A320/330. I'll ask if they wouldn't mind recording some sounds. Have jump seated many times on the A320 up to the 340, I have found even the CAE sims don't manage to capture the sound correctly.

    The main thing you notice on the real thing is nothing but the sound of wind on the flightdeck above 320 knots, I recall jump seating on an A320, typical growl on climbout, we where given a high speed climb below 10k, as the aircraft accelerated all other sounds where drowned out except the faint sound of the CFM56 growling, very different to sitting in first class nearer to the fan blades.

    Closest I have heard was a random video on youtube, I think it was an old A320 being developed for X-Plane. Am so out of the loop when it comes to desktop flight simming, have been away for a while. I do have some very realistic sound files but I think they are copy righted by pete dawson.