Spectrum DX6e and USB interface

  • Solution that I used is the Spectrum USB Wireless Simulator Dongle. Plug it into a USB port, and bind it to your spectrum-compatible radio. Works like a charm.

    Also found this, but have not tried it.:

    This simulator is going to save me hundreds of hours of repair time:)

    Just a Noob at the simulator. Should have done this many model repairs ago.

  • I ended up getting the Dx6 and the four wires shown in the picture. This image was from a question I emailed to Ipacs, which they answered. They were incredibly patient with my dumb a'ss. And it works on my old 2013 Macbook Pro 13" beautifully. It's really fun. (I had to go "low" on all video detail settings, but I can't tell the diff. It's still a beautiful simulator)