Sounds Conversion

  • Hi, I was following the sound tutorial of the wiki and I couldn't get the audio files converted.

    I'm having issues with the 4th point.


    4) We'll create a folder under the /aricraft_workshop directory of the SDK root folder. Make sure you only use lower case and numbers for the name of this folder. I'm going to use "sound001" for simplicity. Now, copy the prepared wav files into this folder, and also copy the following 3 files from the /dr400 folder (that's also in the aircraft_workshop folder): model.tmc, dr400.tgi, dr400.tmd. This is all you need for the sound conversion.

    Where exactly the /aircraft_workshop folder has to be created? Because after installing the SDK I couldn't find this folder. I assumed you have to create it.

  • No. The Workshop folder is created from the SDK Tools and can be found in your . . . users/documents/aerofly fs 2/ folder along with serveral other folders used for your personal files that you add to the flight sim.



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  • To run the converter on the folder "xyz" you need to have an xyz.tgi and an xyz.tmd (I think) in them. You can either drop your sound files in the dr400 tutorial folder and then run the converter on the dr400 folder or you can copy the dr400 folder, rename it to "sound001" like you already did but then the files dr400.tgi and dr400.tmd in that folder should be renamed to sound001.tgi and sound001.tmd, too. I'm sorry I should have written a bit more text :)

  • Ok! I finally make it work. Not sure if it was as intended , but it worked.
    I copied the 3 wav files inside the Dr400 folder and and I convert the folder with the conversion program. I thought that it would convert only the audio files, but I guess the sdk needs the whole folder with all those files.

    Thanks for your help! :)