White areas over water

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    I wouldn't use the eraser for this. The eraser might not be fully removing the layer. The best thing to use is what I mentioned.

  • I am beginning to suspect that my problem is somehow or other related to the fact that I am one of those folks that has the tiles created by Geoconverter pop into view as I fly along. Just a hunch.

    And I also suspect that might have something to do with the helper tool. Again, just a hunch.

    So, I am going to learn how to make scenery without the helper. I will let you know how that turns out when I do.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Though the helper tool works for some users, this is why we don't like to include 3rd party applications into our own troubleshooting efforts. If someone is having trouble (like you here) and you are using tools that we didn't directly make and test, it's almost impossible to help. I suggest trying to only use what we have provided to see if this fixes your problem.

    What I was explaining to you about the transparency in Gimp works properly, so if you are still having trouble after following my steps then there's something else going on (maybe the helper) that's causing your problems.

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