Matching horizontal long lat location of airport with custom scenery

  • Hi,

    I am taking the first steps trying to learn the process of learning to build airports. I've followed Rodeo 's excellent videos, and I'm trying to model one of my local single runway airport YMAV. It's also very handy that the runway is almost straight north/south aligned. However, I am struggling with getting my runway to align with the underlying scenery I created using GeoConvert. When using the center I got from FSET, I end up about ~500m east of the underlying graphics:

    My centerpoint was calculated to:

    S38° 2' 6.49'' E144° 28' 37.36''

    convert to decimal degrees

    144.477044 -38.035136

    Couple of questions:

    1) What's the precision allowed in the long/lat variable? Is 6 digits allowed?

    2) To find the centerpoint in the graphics, I flew over it and checked the game data using Shift-F1, it told me 144.47/-38.04 . If I used these coordinates, my runway was still too far east (~100m). Putting in 144.46, and it was about 500m west. I realized I could work may way back and ended up around 144.468. Is there a way I can find a point on my scenery with higher precision than two digits?

    Thanks in advance, I apologize if this has been answered before but I could not find a thread regarding it.

    Also perhaps it would be good if there was separate Airport creation section as this does not seem to fit into geoconvert or aircraft/general?


  • Hi coffeecup,

    Please Check my Video listing in the wiki. The First One Deals about aerial image in ac3d. It Shows an Easy Way to define the reference point at any time. We Need a Precision of 5 Decimals.


  • Thanks Rodeo ,

    I already had watched the videoe a few times , but seems I got confused with the coirdinates out of FSET. When I looked up my reference point in Google, I got coordinates that seems to match much better, as explained in the video!

    I still would have loved to know if there was a way within the game to find the position with more than two digits precision though.


  • Ah ok,

    but I must admit I don't know a method to retrieve more than 2 decimals from the game.

    On the other side this is not important, because within the game your aircraft position is difficult to identify.

    Just make sure to move any certain point in ac3d to the center and identify this point in google maps or mygeoposition. You'll need to do this as accurate as possible.