Editing the .ttx texture files

  • Hi everyone. I realize that the SDK tools allow us to take .BMP images and convert them into the .ttx texture files, which permits us to re-paint specific aircraft. It is possible to use the sdk tools in reverse to take the .ttx files and convert them to a more user friendly format, such as .bmp, and convert them back to .ttx without the official paint kit?


  • Kenneth,

    this is all something that we all consider however we need to keep things the way that they are right now until we get to the point in which we feel development is where it needs to be. We simply aren't finished changing things under the hood to consider this type of access. We still need to develop features so that they are solid, not to be picked apart before they are even finished yet.

    As for the repaints, the system to create liveries now works well and is fairly easy to make repaints with just a little bit of experience in Gimp, Photoshop, or any other photo application.

    We have built SDK tools to build an aircraft, build high quality ortho scenery, make aircraft liveries, make airports, and even add cultivation. The tools are all there and ready. We have also taken a lot of time to add tutorials, step by step instructions, and even directly worked with the community to make users comfortable.

    We will continue to make our toolbox better in time but we opted to get this stuff out there so that individuals can work on this now rather than a year or so down the road which could have easily happened.

    If the community is willing to invest some time with our tools I'm confident that you will see many new creations pop up. If the community needs some place to download these creations, find a 3rd party site to host them; as long as the community follows our copyright rules and disclaimers, we as a developer will not stop this. In the future we may better host large packages ourselves but we just can't do that at this time.

    One thing that you appear to be missing here is that most of the existing flight simulators have been around for a very long time, they are based on older techniques, and use older engines so it's natural for those to be more opened up than Aerofly. We took our own path here, with new techniques, and our own special internal engine; which is why it looks and performs the way that it does. What you are comparing here is apples to pears.

    We need to develop Aerofly the way that we need to, it won't always be how the community wants it or when they want it. Just please give us some time to develop this into a success.

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  • >No, due to copyrights of the textures and models such a reverse program does not exist.

    Which aircraft do you want to repaint?

    Hi Jan,

    Personally for me, I would love to do some work on the Q400, but others may want to work on the gliders, or the 737, or what ever is of particular interest to them. Sometimes, it's just nice to work on something else that is of interest other than the same thing you have been doing.

    I was just thinking that if the tools existed to work backwards, some of the more creative individuals might like to try creating their own templates, or even making simple modifications to the existing textures for personal use only (clearly, modifying an existing texture is not something that on would upload)

    >If the community is willing to invest some time with our tools I'm confident that you will see many new creations pop up.

    Hi Jeff,

    Good to hear from you. I don't think that there is much doubt that there are members of the community that are willing to invest time and energy to the betterment of everyone. Rodeo for example has displayed a very strong willingness to unselfishly help others and has even provided a number of his own creations for those of us who lack the time or creative energy to perform the work on our own. His recent Omak scenery is just one example. Then you could look at the shared creativity of Jan's toolbox, Simwerft's Beaver Municipal, Javier's ships, Sylvain's, Oubaas', Sydel's, Zer0Squared's, and even a number repaints from yourself, along with plenty of work by others that I in no way intend to reduce by not naming directly (There are just so many great creative people out there, I can't name them all !!!)

    People are willing, and even eager, but while some great tools are available others are still lacking. This is not a criticism, it is simply a reflection of reality, and part of that reality is that you and the rest of the team simply cannot create all these tools right away! You need to set priorities, and decide what gets addressed now and what gets addressed later. I believe that we all understand that.

    I was simply inquiring about some options that had crossed my mind that might permit users to be able to cook up a meal or two on their own while we wait for the restaurant to open for business or open a franchise a little closer to their end of town.