Airports in Switzerland?

  • Switzerland is a payware addon (~10 €). However, the SW USA is default and should show up. There is an additional high resolution texture pack for the SW USA available which you can install from Steam, however, the airports (like KFSO) should be there from the outset.

    Kind regards, Michael

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  • The payware addon is on Steam right? Not available for DL owners?

    Hello Paul,

    What are DL owners? DVD/Download maybe. If so, I read that IPACS is real close to releasing Switzerland, New York, and Colorado DLCs for the DVD and direct downloads from Aerosoft.

    Those that have the Steam edition, search for Additional DLC and you will find the growing list. Some are free, some require a small fee to purchase. The list at Steam will show which are install, or not installed.



    EDIT: Here is a copy of what Jeff posted earlier.

    Aerosoft to release installers for Switzerland, New York, and Colorado

    To all Aerofly DVD owners, Aerosoft will be releasing installers for Switzerland, New York, and Colorado DLC's soon. This will allow for you to begin adding DLC libraries to your DVD copy of Aerofly FS 2.

    Once this is released, we will provide you with more information.

  • I think Ray is right. If I understand Jeff correctly, given his similar posts elsewhere, the added content (that currently is Steam only to date) will, for the DVD edition, be distributed directly through Aerosoft. This doesn’t appear far off and would be another positive development showing IPACS is setting a solid foundation for production distribution and cooperative associations.

    My hope is that this method will serve to deepen Aerosoft’s commitment to the product as well. A notable presence on their website may entice some of the more entrenched users of other sims to experience what many of us have found to be so appealing about Aerofly.

    Switzerland in Aerofly is just a joy to fly!