Is there another method of setting the departure airport?

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    I'm new hear but have been a casual flight simmer since they drew wire-frame images (in green, or orange)!

    I'm loving the simplicity loading up and actually flying with Aerofly - as opposed to the sometimes complex procedure to get all the required bits working in FSX or P3D. However, what I am struggling with is choosing the departure airport. It seems too simplistic. I have all the ORBX sceneries so I'm keen to fly in these higher-fidelity areas. As a Brit, I'm ashamed to say that my geographical knowledge of the United States is limited and as it appears the only way to choose an airport location is by clicking on it on the map, I find myself ignorantly scrolling around the map screen in search of the place I'm trying to find, e.g. I confess I didn't know exactly where Monterey is so had to google it and then match it on the map (poor, I know!).

    Have I missed something - is there an alternate way to choose the departure airport, i.e. by name or ICAO ?



  • Unfortunately there is no other way to find the airport you want... With more and more scenery being added this basic option is really missed! The fact that the map also doesn’t show ICAO codes or city names doesn’t help either. I often have to use Google maps and compare it with the AFS2 map to find what I need. Which sometimes takes up quite some time, zooming in and out while comparing the scenery. Hopefully IPACS will give us a search facility soon. As in really soon, not IPACS soon. 8o

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  • Phew - I thought I might just be being stupid!

    Let's hope they do add obvious such as these sooner rather than later. It's very easy to be put off a product by little annoyances such as these. I find that the development teams get so excited about big (and not always required) enhancements, that no one is interested in doing little, obvious, easy modification that the user would find a huge improvement. I think it's called 'glory programming' rather than 'grind programming'. Let's hope that have a development manager sharp enough to know that sometimes they need that 'grind programming'?

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  • Fortunately my Geographic knowledge is good, but still, the current system is more than a little clunky. I'm also hoping that that gets fixed or modified sooner rather than later.

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  • You can use something like or to find the lat/lon of your departure airport. The NAV screen shows the lat/lon so use that to narrow your search. It gets easier as you learn some of the Lat/Lon locations.



  • Ah, Ed, but a pragmatic guy who actively wanted to learn the geography of another country would invest in, and research, geographical material and sources. Whereas someone who just wanted to enjoy a bit of flight simulation and learn more about flight would invest in a flight sim product! :/

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