Trim settings

  • Are the trims settings saved, and are they global (one setting for all planes and locations), or are the trim settings saved with each aircraft?

    I seem to be experiencing a situation where I get my trims perfect by switching in and out of autopilot, and then when I come back the next day I need to mess with trims again.


  • The trim settings are set per flight situation. When you select the runway starting point from the location dialog your trims will be set for takeoff.

    And when you place the aircraft anywhere on the map and change the altitude with the slider on the right then your aircraft will be loaded in a clean configuration, flaps up, gear up and with trims set for cruise. When you select the final approach from the location dialog your trims will automatically be set for the approach.

    Of course as soon as you assign an axis to the trim all that is lost.

    And yes, if you leave the autopilot on for a little bit it will trim the aircraft just like it does in the real world.

    Some aircraft don't need trim like the A320, the have fly by wire and trim themselves all the time, except when on ground.

    So when you are starting at the parking position (white aircraft symbol on the airport map) your trim will be pretty much zero. You then have to manually set trims for takeoff as part of your checklist.