If it is to be extended possibly the view border

  • Hello Folks.

    I am New here and i come from FSX Users. I have for a long time ago built many scenerys at FS2004 and FSX.

    Can we now the view borders from new Scenery extended?

    i mean, if we I see flying that the standard scenery borders what is annoying...

    i built at this moment the ground scenery for NRW in Germany, he goes in first step from EDDK to EDDL and from EDDK to Aachen Merzbrueck....

    and give it there a wiki for the night textures at new scenery to make?

    Thx a lot


  • I think this may happen all the time but is much more noticeable when the color balance of the user developed scenery does not match the default background or DLC scenery.

    This certainly seems to an issue where user developed scenery overlaps DLC scenery. There is the "deferred loading" issue where sometimes default background will show instead of user defined scenery until you are almost directly overhead. Attached are shots taken a few seconds apart.



    I have sometimes noticed scenery "popping" into place at distance of a few kilometers when I was well within the scenery areas I have converted but is really only noticeable if you happen to be looking right at that moment.



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