A few observations on AeroflyFS2 scenery design

  • Rodeo

    9. USGS imagery

    Nobody seems to care about the USGS data viewer, which offers aerial images with 1m resolution. And even more, they can be freely distributed by giving credits to them. We could offer a similar map for aerofly as shown in the x-plane forum, at least for the USA!!!


    We all know the USGS imagery is far superior in most cases to FSET but the manual building of all those INF files is so tedious and time consuming that large areas are almost unworkable. We could some a bit of automation in the calculations.



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  • Rodeo kindly helped me to integrate the JenTower into the scenery (which no one calls "JenTower" here, btw. ;)). I think I should share the result.

    [Blocked Image: http://fsfiles.org/flightsimsh…18/02/04/jentower_day.jpg]

    I was even more overwhelmed when I shifted to night

    [Blocked Image: http://fsfiles.org/flightsimsh…/02/04/jentower_night.jpg]

    (look upon the full-res images!). Aside the fact it looks nice, even integrating POIs like this one from the Warehouse seems to be doable for an educated layman like me (say, after buying AC3D).

    I will make my way through the other points but perhaps start separate treads (or look if there are already such) as this one might get too fuzzy. My next tast will be ground images i.e. finding a source for freely usable (supposedly lower res) images which would enable to compose something for redistribution. Well possble I will fail, but I'll try.

    Kind regards, Michael

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