Anyone interested in having animated Windmills in Aerofly Fs 2?

  • Ray, I think they have all been of the same version of headset. It’s just that many were hoping for eye tracking, foveated 4K rendering, and field of view approaching Pimax, but the technology just isn’t ready yet. So an almost doubling of the pixel counts and other features disappointed some reviewers. The Pro is really just what could be done now without a complete overhaul though it does have the new tracking sensors that can use either 1.x or 2.x version Lighthouse base stations.

    The true gen 2 headsets are going to need a lot to come together and work properly to pull off. First is just bandwidth. Those pixels at 90 fps at too much higher resolution have to be calculated and shipped to the headset which is already difficult on long, thin, flexible cables that can withstand being stepped on or sent wirelessly. There’s going to have to be on the fly compression and expansion of some sort. Eye tracking and foveated rendering will need to be there to reduce GPU and CPU loads, and it will probably be needing GPU driver support to work most efficiently so coordination with GPU manufacturers is probably in there too. Maybe even optimized silicon to do it right.

    What we are getting is a resolution increase that is enough to really address the thing flight simulators have the most difficulty with - text and gauges. The big increase in text readability is something everyone mentions in Pro reviews and where GPS and comm radio displays are tough to read now, it should make a big difference. I’ve not seen anyone specifically say that yet, but it stands to reason from the way reviewers have described it. And the differences where the Pro has had through the lens video are to me stunning. There’s one video where a dev got their Pro, put it on, and just started saying "oh wow, oh wow" and commenting on how much more detail he could see. It won’t be perfect and it isn’t gen 2, but some reviewers were expecting way too much I think. Sure, Pimax is trying to run at "8k" but it’s LCD, they are having trouble hitting 90 Hz, they are upscaling lower resolution images, their lensing has issues, and they are behind schedule with no announced ship date. I don’t mean to bash Pimax by any means. I’m just saying with the choices being a much needed bump in resolution that has significant benefits now, vs. true gen 2 that nobody has even announced and isn’t expected by many for at least another year, I’ll go for the headset I’ll be able to get in the next month or two.

    Yes, there are lots of new ground to break for significant increases but the two big things I would like to see for our flight sim use is the wider FOV and the increased resolution so as you stated - we can read the gauges.

    I find myself using the non-VR version quite often just so I can zoom in on the panel gauges and switches but, once I am back in VR I am back wishing for those two improvements.

    I can get tangled in a single cable so I am really hoping for wireless in the future headsets. ;)



  • Maybe the ability to turn ground motion off for those with more modest hardware? It would seen that computing ground motion items could affect FPS. But the concept of ground motion items is very appealing, and common in the higher level FS's . By having an on/off switch for this we could continue to keep FS2 the sim "for the rest of us" (as Apple used to say).

  • Yeah and it is great, but I do look forward to when IPACS or ORBX add road traffic some day, if possible. Just feel it really adds the feeling of a living world, particularily at night.

    Of course there are a million other things IPACS are working on I'm sure with much higher priority, but if ORBX could somehow include it in their areas...

  • I understand with X-Plane they use OSM data to layout roads which traffic can then spawn on. Some users have experimented with trying to turn the roads visually off so they only see the roads in the orthoimagery. The results have been mixed due to X-Plane's combined mesh system. This is a route IPACS could go down so that traffic can go along the roads. But then there's the problem of bridges and very uneven terrain.

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  • Indeed but when ORBX make stuff is that more hand placed and all? Sorry I don't really know how it's all done, but couldn't cars just be another part of their moving scenery?

    Though if they are doing some kinda convert from sceneries they already made anyway I guess that wouldn't be an option.

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    Right now you would have to manually create paths for each and every car. I got cars moving on roadways following a specific path now but it's way too tedious to add to a full region. You will see some cars moving along roads in my upcoming Florida Keys update release in a few months. To do it right you would have to either use cultivated roadways as paths and have an algorithm randomly spawn cars following it.

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  • Sounds interesting animation windturbines. Does anybody know how these animations can be put in scenery objects? I didn't find much about it in the SDK, but maybe I didn't look in the right location :)

    Hello Arno,

    The Aerosoft Helgoland scenery for AFS2 should released shortly. This will be the first animated windmills that we will see in AFS2. You may contact the Lime Sim developer, about exactly how it is done.

    I asked in the Aerosoft Pre-release forum about the windmills and Sasa, the developer, confirmed that the wind turbines rotation speeds can be varied by individual wind turbine. I also expect to see other first time animation in this scenery package including ship traffic (really ??) and some new animated ground traffic.

    The screen shots show several children running and a good looking female jogger. There are also seals and sea gulls in the FSX version so maybe they will also be in this AFS2 version.

    Link to the Aerosoft forum about Aerofly FS2 scenery…d-for-aerofly-fs2/&page=2



  • The developer for the Helgoland for AFS2 has confirmed there will be lots of animated windmill farms, both on land and in the water. Unfortunately, the scenery will not have any flying birds, including helicopters. Well, he did say that if you had a helo it would fly but you could not land on the 4 heliports at this time.

    The added bonus is for the Aerofly AF2 version only so the FSX and P3D do not include the mainland airport, EDXB Bűsum. This free bonus area includes the towns of Hiede, Bűsum, and the St. Peter-Ordning area and several animated windmill farms.

    This table was added to the Aerosoft forum to answer some of the questions about what will or will not be included in the different versions.