Can someone share a default aerodrome runway?

  • Hello. For now; I’m doing the ‘ortho scenery’ of my country and locating/placing, the Airports/Aerodromes.

    My city, Braga, as an aerodrome. (LPBR)

    The ‘testing ortho’ matches it perfectly…

    The problem is, I don’t have any ‘CAD’ application to use. Can a more ‘expert’ on this things, share:

    1. A simple runway for it: braga_rwy.tmb
    2. A simple texture (tarmac): braga_decal.tmb
    3. ??? don’t know if it is needed ???: braga_obj.tmb
    4. Instructions to add it to my braga.tsc

    I would be really grateful for the help.

    *By the way… there’s something wrong whit the terrain, on ‘Lukla’ and ‘Nuuk’…


    pdf file:…ff00009f255e.pdf?sfvrsn=7





    <[string8][sname][Braga]> //Short name of airport

    <[string8][lname][Aeródromo de Braga]> //Full name of airport

    <[string8][icao][LPBR]> //ICAO Code

    <[string8][country][PORTUGAL]> // country


    <[vector2_float64][position][-8.4429290 41.5869930]> //main coordinate of airport

    <[float64][height][74]> //average elevation in meters


    <[vector2_float64][tower_position][-8.4429290 41.5869930]> //tower coordinates

    <[float64][tower_height][0]> //tower height in meters







    <[vector3_float64][position][-8.4429290 41.5869930]>







    <[vector2_float64][endpoint1][-8.4501312 41.5850344]> //start rwy 1

    <[vector2_float64][endpoint2][-8.4401802 41.5889860]> //end rwy 1

    <[vector2_float64][threshold1][-8.4501312 41.5850344]> //copy of 1

    <[vector2_float64][threshold2][-8.4401802 41.5889860]> //copy of 2

    <[float64][width][23]> //runway width in meters

    <[string8][name1][07]> //runway sign 1

    <[string8][name2][25]> //runway sign 2

    <[string8][appltsys1][]> //all bout lighting system

    <[string8][appltsys2][]> //see separate tutorial











    <[tmvector2d][position][-8.4429290 41.5869930]> //parking coordinates

    <[float64][heading][0.00]> //heading of aircraft

    <[string8][name][Start Position #1]>







  • Perhaps it would interest you that you can download and trial AC3D for 14 days where you can create and test these objects/tgi's for your development? Make sure you look up @Rodeos videos. I did try a few things for a couple of weeks, before committing.