F18 Arresting hook

  • Hi Developers

    Just a shot in the dark.. and it might be a crazy idea

    Is there a figure we can adjust in any file that can help simulate the hook.. I was wondering if we could increase the power of the standard brakes to do this, so that on press of the brakes button it would apply an artificially high brake pressure to simulate the hook. It would of course mean a modified file just for that occasion so only useful for carrier landings.

    Perhaps I could then build a very small airport and call it something like an aircraft carrier, hey the idea might just catch on ;)


  • Hi Steve,

    of course you can try that with the wheel brakes but this could lead to unexpected results. If you increase the brake strength you'l just stop the wheels from spinning but then you probably won't be able to stop the aircraft in any short distance.

    I'd just wait for us to do a catch hook.

    It's not a bad idea just not the time for it just yet. Definitely something we have thought of :)