Precise location of XREF location/rotation point

  • OK,

    so I've plonked down a 35 by 35 box as a placeholder for e.g. this hangar. Where exactly is the middle point? will the root of the xy axis shown in the reference image on the right be approx where the pink arrow point on the left, or is it referenced from the left corner? Also, if you rotate it, where is he rotation point? The reason why I ask is that I struggle to get two similar buildings slightly rotated to line up of some reason... thanks in advance!

    - coffecup

  • From my experience an object is placed by its pivot point ( red,green,blue axes) and also rotated around the same. Ensure this axis is at zero in the up/down plane else your object may disappear below the ground level. The axis doesn't need to be dead center as you can place it where you want but its best to keep it there

    Some large buildings may also appear to float at some of the corners if the ground is sloped, best to move those corner verts down slightly, just remember your textures also move so a door for instance may look too short