Windowed mode, joystick commands

  • Hello All.

    Even though I have this Sim since it's inception and bought all the sceneries for it, not however the VR which will come sooner rather than later, I hope, I have not been able to sit down and have a real good look at it, because of medical reasons. I will be late to ask these questions but know you will understand.

    Do you use the windowed or the screen resolution mode eg 1920 x 1080?

    Some of the commands are ever so slightly different from FSX. Do most of you generally set the joystick commands as per FSX and make those small changes that AFS2 mention?

    Thanks for any replies.


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  • Hello Jim - I didn't know there was a windowed mode, the installer (for the DVD version) evidently recognised my 1600x900 monitor and set that. It all comes up as a full-screen display. At the top is the Flight Info panel (=FSX minipanel) overlaid on the display. The Map is also overlaid, if you use it. The info panel can be closed by pressing I . The only thing I set myself was to use s for screenshots, because V is already assigned. I think I will change the S to "Take screenshot without overlay" which should save me a bit of editing in IrfanView .

    Just spent an hour or so reading the tmd file for the Corsair...Yikes! Cold beer needed .



  • For the full immersion and for the tutorial flights and preparation for it I usually go full scale. During development I stay "windowed". If you're just looking for an enjoyable flight e.g. in IMC conditions at night you can also hide the flight info bar, the moving map and overlay, any approach guides, remove the flight plan, then try to do a pattern in the C172, Baron or 737 in the fog :) Those things only get immersive if you go full screen and hide all helpers.

    In terms of keyboard shortcuts I do a mix. I changed some Aerofly assignments and a lot of FSX assignments. E.g. I have spoilers and reverse on the same buttons now.

    MikeW reading a tmd file? Aren't there books with more interesting stories out there? :D