Aerosoft just released Helgoland for AeroflyFS2

  • Agreed. Although I obviously do hope more and more 3rd party developers will start developing for AFS2 I also really do hope those addons will (also) released through Steam. Last week I wanted to reinstall P3D 4.2 but after two tries I decided to forget about it for now because of 1. all the work involved and 2. various incompatibilities (and 3. developers blaming each other for those incompatibilities). I absolutely LOVE how AFS2 is constantly up to date without having to worry about incompatibilities. In that regard it is great that IPACS likes to do as much as possible themselves. I also bought LOWI through Steam and regret getting KEGE form Orbx themselves. (Helgoland I am not interested in btw: way too small for my taste.)

    I certainly hear you about wishing I could have bought it on Steam, but I wanted to show Aerosoft that FS 2 has a vigorous user base that is willing to open up their wallets. As far as size goes, it isn't huge by any means, but as Jetjockey10 says, you get more than just the islands. In fact the Islands are a small part of the package. The area on the mainland is probably over 10 times bigger. Maybe 100 times bigger lol. But you should certainly hold off until you are convinced it suits your needs!

  • Where is Helgoland? We don't have any scenery over there. What's happening in this simulator

    google it. Small, but strategically located Islands about 40 miles west of nw Germany. Repurposed and updated flight sim scenery from FSX with a bonus mainland airport with our first animated windmills.

    Recommended. 🤗



  • Where is Helgoland? We don't have any scenery over there. What's happening in this simulator


    OrbX will soon publish whole photorealistic Netherlands and Germany is under consideration.

    Under these aspects it is not so far off.

    And I can understand, that a 3party developer like aerosoft starts with a small scenery to adapt to the new workflow.


  • Michael,

    Do you have the Offshore Platforms and Drilling Rig site showing up in your AFS2 Helgoland scenery? I only have the two islands and the mainland airport - no offshore windmills and platforms.



  • For those that recommend upgrading the mainland scenery using FSET or other photo scenery, here is a comparison of FSET 1m, level 14 scenery adjusted to fit Rodeo's single runway tutorial.

    Remember the puzzles where you search for the differences in the two pictures. Aerosoft version on top, FSET on bottom.



  • Here's the answer to your question, scroll down…ic/130594-helgoland-afs2/

    Kind regards, Michael

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  • Certainly... provided the installer works properly one would hope many would buy this.

    This being the 21st Century, no-one should be obliged to enter into a machine-language discourse with software to make it work.

    ORBX has it sorted, so can everyone else.

  • In that thread Aerosoft specifically says future products for FS 2 depend on how well this product sells.

    I can buy only from the Steam store as I pay from my mobile phone. And I believe there are some people like me. I will never buy from Aerosoft or ORBX or DTG or any other sites if there are no possibility to pay from

  • Just finished with Fset and the geoconvert tool to upgrade Busum scenery. And it's really great now, love the work on cultivation in this scenery.

    But have one problem, can't change the resolution of a small area beetwen Busumer deichlausen and Warwerort. I have include this area as all the the scenery at 1m/pixel but stay at low resolution (and only this place, no problem with other place of the scenery). I use virtual earth (and seems good here), any idea?

    [Blocked Image:]

  • My guess is that low res area is coming from the Helgoland scenery and not from FSET. Try deleting all the Helgo scenery for a test. All of my FSET (1m lvl14) if just fine in that area. Notice the difference in the season or which fields are planted to see that what you are seeing is not part of the FSET Virtual Earth scenery.

    First image is for the longer extended runway, 2nd uses the runway from Helgoland scenery and the 3rd is just a full res of the Helgo scenery airport. Notice that none of them have a low res area like your screenshot.

    You screenshot also shows the Helgo runway is not properly aligned with the FSET scenery. I have fixed that also, send me your email address and I will send to the updated airport coordinates.



  • Aerosoft said it was too expensive to buy the rights to use hi-res scenery for a project like this. They implied that if they see a robust FS 2 market maybe they will reconsider their options on future projects. Meanwhile you can try out Geoconvert available on this site and make your own, better ground scenery.

  • Why is the resolution so low on the paid scenery? Any word on it being updated?

    Sounds like it will not be updated due to the high cost of good commercial scenery in that area. It is super easy to use the IPACS tutorials and update it with FSET to whatever level you like. I think 1m level 14 is just fine but it could be even better if you chose to have the very large file sizes.



    I have modified each of the 4 tiles surrounding the Busum airport so it is perfectly legal for me to share that scenery with anyway as long as I say it is FSET modified by myself and it is freeware. If IPACS would go along with it, I could upload it to the scenery area for sharing. They are not real clear on this, but the Florida Keys was done in that fashion and it seemed to be ok. :/

  • I would certainly be interested.

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