Can we get access to the default trees for airports modelling? or ahow do I do a few trees best using AC3D?

  • I am trying to recreate a old airbase with a few trees around using AC3D, and while the XREF library is very versatile, there are no trees in it. Would it be possible to access the default ones? I see there is a ttx named e.g. plant_broadleaf_02_1450_color.ttx . I tried just creating a dummy object and name it that, but that of course did not work.

    What would be the best options to get some trees onto my airfield in AC3D? Cultivation seems to be more suited for larger random areas, not handplaced rows of trees?


  • Ha,

    this is a coincidence! We're just working on it. I had this requirement at my grass airfield, surrounded by rows of trees and bushes.

    Let's do a grass airfield

    I've got a new converter from IPACS to test this and I have to publish the naming conventions then.

    The conventions will give you some options for type and size.

    If it all works out like expected there will be another library, a converter and a tutorial very shortly.



  • You could also use JOSM and plant them yourself. I did this for EGGP, you can also remove any unwanted ones in the OSM files. Save them as a TOC file and included in the TSC file,


    This! I had not really explored cultivation until this weekend, but eventually figured out how to do the JOSM part with the single tree setting. Mind blown! just what I need! It is just so easy to plonk down tree lines or whatever. Thanks for the tip!