For those that are not playing with the new VR hands, I have a fun thing to try

  • You will need the payware Aerosoft Helgoland for AFS2 scenery pack for full enjoyment.

    I got the idea in the thread about landing the Carbon Cub on a building top in New York City. (jan).

    I looked for the slowest flying airplane we have in our hangar and chose the old British Sopwith F.1 Camel for my first test. After some searching I came up with a method to add the helipads to our Locations as an airport with a parking position. Of course that would be the helipad. I crank up the wind to full speed at a cardinal heading and ease in for the landing. (not real easy, for sure, but I am a steely-eyed experienced pilot, of sorts)

    Takeoffs are a snap. Put the full wind on the nose of the Sopwith Camel, add full power, and raise the tail and you are flying. All 4 helipads are 53 meter high so no problems. Just watch for those big turning windmill blades on your climbout.

    When I get tired of doing this type of flying (probably not today) I will upload a fun pack with all the locations, the tsc files, and some basic instructions and such. If you don't have the Aerosoft Helgoland Scenery pack for AFS2 you are just SOL for now, but, if you do, and you are interested, let me know. It truly is great fun, especially since we don't have a helicopter yet.

    I bet even the Robin could start on one of these helipad and takeoff into the stiff wind. You can fly from here to the Island and land at the real airport which is highly detailed with some animation.



    When Pigs Fly.

    A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o

  • Well, I am not using VR and I don't own Helgoland and I don't know how to add helipads... so how the heck can I fully enjoy AFS2 now...!?!?!?!? :cursing:

    Just kidding, of course. ^^ I've been having a blast with the Q400 in the US all week. Yes, totally happy again with AF2. ;)