Controllers after patch - not working

  • As of a few days ago all my controllers were working perfectly. Post yesterdays patch I have no brakes in any of the aircraft (tried the 172, 737, Buecker) even though they are recognized in the Controls settings, planes are all veering to the right and planes are speeding on the ground even though throttle is at idle. I checked everything in the settings controls panel and all the controllers are showing as functioning correctly. I just stopped the sim after that and did not check anything else. Are these known problems with the patch and are they being resolved? Thanks for your help.

  • There are too many threads about this already on the forum I'm going to lock this.

    The latest update was a major feature release. We are aware of this problem as others have the same issue.

    For now until we resolve this problem you can opt into the beta. This will set you back to the previous version prior to this one.

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