A320 sounds, again ;-)

  • I manged to get hold of some real world and CAE simulator sounds from a company I used to work for. Am loving this sim in VR, however the sounds are letting me down a bit, I use a BKGamer so realistic sounds and feedback is very important to me.

    Can someone help with converting these sounds to whatever format is required for Aerofly? (I can send the sounds)

    Main thing for me is Wind sound/ground roll rumble/ engine spool sound CFM, have spent a lot of time on the flightdeck of the real aircraft and CAE sims. One thing is very clear on the A320 flightdeck, the wind sound overwhelms everything once you start accelerating above 320 knots.

    I did try using the SDK converter, never got it to work, followed the instructions correctly.


  • That speed sounds really high. Just for curiosity, at which stage of your flights that speed is reached?.

    Cheers, Ed

    Around 320/340 knots is normal for a non speed restricted departure, obviously the aircraft is in a clean configuration. Have also jump seated out of Heathrow on a A340, on the DVR departure being held at 6000, the SID speed restriction was lifted, flightdeck went from a quiet hum to the awesome sound of the wind speed rapidly increasing in volume. Haven't jump seated since 9/11 sadly, everything went into lockdown. I used to take the Jumpseat over my staff Business class seat back them.

  • Huge thanks to Andreas for converting my files. Have sorted out the ground roll, idle thrust, partially sorted the spool sound (just needs some blending with idle)

    Just a couple of questions if it's not too much trouble.

    1. Have noticed that the buzz saw sound is already in the sim, however it won't seem to play unless N1 is above 95%, the problem is the FADEC that was coded seems to limit Max N1 at sea level to 95% at TOGA thrust, is there a way to get the sound to start playing at around 85-90% N1?

    2. I cant seem to find an entry for wind sound anywhere in the a320.tmd file, is this included in the Sim?

    3. Are all engine sounds tied to Engine N1 speed?

    Thanks again for creating this awesome Sim!

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    1. I limited that some time ago, since the real engine parameters are usually lower than 100% Its not really the fadec controlling this at the moment but it will be in the future. Keep in mind that the real engine does produce 100% thrust even at 90% N1 in some conditions and maybe 95% N1 in other conditions.

    You can adjust the fan buzz in the tmd file, in the sound section. There should be a sound for the fan buzzing and it has an input soundmapping where you can adjust the n1 value from which to fade. N1 is a fraction in Aerofly, so 0.95 in the mapping would be 95% on the display.

    2. You can just copy the wind sound files from the gliders over into the A320 folder and then copy paste the section of the tmd that defines the wind sound. Again using the sound mappings you can adjust the volume and pitch of the wind sound for airspeed or angle of attack or what ever you want. The tmd is unlimited in this regard, you could make the wind sound play if you set the flaps for that matter.

    3. At the moment yes, but they don't have to be. Its mainly because we don't have separate samples for the fan and the hp and ip compressors, burner and hp and lp turbines or nozzle. You can define a new input using the sound input, then feed it through a mapping and then play new sounds on top of the existing ones, or use an existing sound, change the file name, adjust the sound mapping for volume and pitch and implement your own sounds this way,

    No matter what you do, keep a good backup of your own sound creations. Last thing you want is Steam to erase all your work when Aerofly is automatically updated.

  • Thinks for the info, yes backing up is standard. Ok great, I'll get back into the tmd file. Regarding the N1 limits, am aware that ambient temperature will influence the N1 limit on the real aircraft, does the temperature always stay the same in aerofly? no matter where you are, night/day, weather setting? I'll admit I haven't been looking closely at the SAT when lined up on the runway.


  • How can we get these new sounds ? In the meantime I’ve been posting videos on Facebook regarding a utility called sound plant 45 that allows any sound to be played with keyboard assignments really helping out the experience

  • Hi everyone, finally got some time at home to learn how these .tmd sound files work. Still very much a work in progress! And I understand this is just amateur tinkering for fun :)

    What I have been trying to achieve is a sound environment that works well on big speakers and especially for transducer users (BKGamer)

    I have been messing around with a few things to replicate my experiences of the sounds on the flight deck and in a CAE sim. Not easy with this sound engine. Below is a video of my tweaking last night.

    The main things that have changed -

    1. Ground roll enhanced, feels very nice with a transducer attached to chair, it feels like a heavy machine rolling down the runway.

    2. Spool sounds, as best as I can, spool sounds and N1 ranges have been tweaked, most importantly that famous CFM grinding sound at TOGA or high flex temps (this aircraft seems to be stuck at FLEX56)

    These are my current hurdles (A lot more, these are the main ones)

    1. Still don't know how to convert sound files, have followed instructions to the letter, I'd progress faster if I could convert more sound files for testing, I dev was kind enough to convert the sounds I am currently using.

    2. Wind sound is still missing, at 100kts these should be the faint rush of air hitting the cockpit, by 300kts you should barely be able to hear the engines, just the rumble of the air hitting the cockpit. Tried copying sounds from a glider but it doesn't seem to be working.

    A320 sound pack TEST flight

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  • No all sounds where custom, but I randomly picked a few sounds and sent it to a dev for conversion. If I could learn to convert myself I could get this out much faster.

    Yes always backup! Number one rule :)

    Edit, have said it before, can't believe how amazing this sim is, excellent work, I do miss the study sim aspects of other aircraft, but this still blows them away in my books, it just feels great in VR, can only get better.

  • Have you tried before the new sounds by Aaron Swindle, that I believe include the Airbus?.

    Cheers, Ed

    Yup, not really what I was looking for, bought it anyway, kinda wish I could have tried before paying. I have plenty of sounds from the aircraft, that's not a problem (apart from conversion)

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    Yup, not really what I was looking for, bought it anyway, kinda wish I could have tried before paying. I have plenty of sounds from the aircraft, that's not a problem (apart from conversion)

    Did you record the sounds yourself? Or do you have permission to use them? :)

    (We're also looking for decent A320 sounds which we can use...)

  • Did you record the sounds yourself? Or do you have permission to use them? :)

    (We're also looking for decent A320 sounds which we can use...)

    Yes, spool sound is taking from a recording on the flight deck of a Gulf Air CFM equipped -214, ground roll is also from the real aircraft, buzz saw sound is an old file I have had for a very long time. Do you remember a product called Airbus/EFIS 98? One of the first Airbus sims ever released, company is long gone.

    There was a soundpack inlcuded, I've always held on to the buzz saw sound from that sim. Can't get it to sound exactly the same in Aerofly.