Time Of Day

  • Obviously TOD is an issue to invoke so many responses. Please add to your "To Do" list to simplify the, what to me, is the cumbersome UTC method. In the meantime I will set up a rocker switch for T/Shift-T as suggested.

  • Although I appreciate the value of the realism afforded by UTC, I can't see any development/programming reason why a balance can't be reached.

    Ultimately both methods of selecting flight times appear popular. The ability to choose would be ideal.

  • EGPF, knowing that IPACS is a very small development team, I've begun to understand why they continue to focus on major additions first (ATC, etc) and deliver them at a decent quality level (120-grit sandpaper) before cleaning up the little things that really polish FS2 to the 800-grit sandpaper level.

    It's those major additions that will draw more flight sim fans into the FS2 community which will grow their business and expand their development efforts so they can fine-tune a few more things.

    I also thought the UTC thing was a bit awkward - at first I just lived with it, now I prefer the rocker approach, but this weekend I'm going to give VoiceAttack a try so I can free up that rocker switch. Plus with ATC in development, I will probably need a push-to-talk button on my HOTAS anyway so I can start using that button for VoiceAttack.