Some questions about aircrafts

  • Hey I have questions about aircrafts and their animations:

    -Crash animation= Why aircraft don't explode or drop parts?

    -Jet-engined aircrafts (A320/B737/B747/Learjet 45) = Why player can't start engines like a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 passenger-aircraft?

    -Weather= Why player can't select about thunderstorm, rain, fog, snow rain, etc.?

    (-Aircrafts= A380, A350xwb, Pilatus PC-12NG, Cessna Citation X, Dassault Falcon 7X, Bombardier CRJ 200, Embraer Phenom 100, Cirrus Vision SF50, and Bombardier Challenger 605.? These aircrafts are good and fast. These aircrafts can be able to come Aerofly FS 2 flight simulator. And Free like a Q400!)^^

    -Captain Enjoy-

  • Why? Because the sim doesn't have these featues yet. ;) Weather won't be here anytime soon. That will probably take some years before we get that. And all those planes... for free? You want it all and you want it to now ;) well, don't wait for it. The option to start some more aircraft may be here a bit sooner, I think, maybe this year, maybe next. Other than that you will need patience with this simple. Enjoy it for what it is now, I'd say.

  • Thanks answers! I don't wait anymore these aircrafts. But I think about PC-12ng or Dassault Falcon 7X (These aircrafts are modern and fast aircrafts)... I can do some aircrafts but I don't have app to this job (And are this possible?) Maybe A380 or A350XWB). And J van E... Thank you second time because your answer are friendly! I like this type answer! Because every answer what I get, these answers are every time angry or off-topic:(

    Two new aircrafts are not big thing?

  • As for making an aircraft, yes we provide all of the tools to do this. You might find this THREAD helpful as this is an ongoing thread building an aircraft.

    As for adding your own logos, take a look in our downloads section on top of this forum to find what you need to make your own liveries for aircraft. Also follow the tutorials in our official WIKI

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