Cultivation freeze and flicker

  • I'm returning to cultivation of my scenery after a break and hitting a problem. The first minute or so of flight is OK, then I get an hour glass freeze that lasts for about 5 seconds then FS2 comes back to life but many of my cultivation buildings (mainly large industrial I think) are flickering like crazy. I had thought this was due to an overlap with some buildings occupying the same area as others but I've ruled that out now.

    Update: Solved (I think) - Cultivation overlap with another airport using the same large area TOC file

  • Phil,

    I posed this question in another thread but will repeat it to you since you're working on some cultivation yourself. Are you seeing a reduction in draw distance of your cultivated buildings, or does it appear to still be the same?

    I could swear I'm seeing a reduction in the draw distance, but I'm probably wrong. It could just be a change in the brightness of the objects at a distance making it appear they are not being drawn as far out as they were.


  • Can't say i' afraid. I've been more focussed on the near distance. It wouldn't surprise me if they have done that given the massive cultivations people are making. Orbx's chicago should be a good test.

    Another possibility is that it is now dependant upon the TSC file size parameter. I didn't think that it was affecting draw distance previously, but maybe now.