Destin Executive Airport KDTS update v1.50 released!

  • The Destin Executive Airport (ICAO: KDTS) has been updated to v1.50. This update is a complete replacement of the previous version v1.00 recently released and is addresing the following:

    • Moved the Control Tower to its correct location in the field
    • Added the missing lightning poles
    • Added more static aircraft and helicopters
    • Changed the type and size of the big hangar/building located at the left of the airport main entrance
    • Corrected the alignment of the runway centerline markings
    • Added proper runway ALS (Approach Lightning System)

    Enjoy your flights in Florida, USA.

    For those who wonder, yes, the airport will be updated in the near future to include taxiways and ramps. Please be patient.

    Cheers, Ed