• OK - I admit it. I am totally lost. I am trying to connect a brand new DX6 to Aerofly RC Ultimate on a Mac Pro running OSX High Sierra. I have theUSB Converter. I have the Single Line Converter. I don't know how the single line converter binds to the receiver, nor can I figure out where the connection between the single line converter and the USB is supposed to connect. There are nine (I believe) possible connection points on the single line converter labeled S, then 1 through 8. Any help would be appreciated.

    I also have the necessary cables to connect wired to the trainer port instead, but I can't get that to work either. I do have the part to convert the stereo plug to a mono plug.

  • OK I figured out the wired part. The 2.6mm plug does NOT plug into the port on the USB dongle. It plugs in to the adapter cable with a 2.6 mm port on one end and a 3 pin connector on the other. The 3 pin connector then connects to the USB dongle.

    Still can't figure out the wireless connection though.